Memorize the Books of the Bible

Some time ago, when we began watching What’s in the Bible for our family worship time, we also wanted to learn the names of the books of the Bible in their proper order. I set out to find a good system for memorizing them. We’d memorized the ten commandments with hand motions, and we’d done the same previously with some Bible verses, so I thought this might be a good method for memorizing the books of the Bible as well.

Hand motions Books of the Old Testament

I looked around for a good demonstration of this, but was unable to find one. While there were some videos on YouTube, there were no explanations of the hand signs. So after watching a couple of these videos, and locating one explanation online, I came up with something I felt our kids could understand and easily do. In a short time, we’d memorized the books of the Old Testament. Download our printable for an explanation for the hand signs we use.

{Turn down the volume on your speakers. For some reason everyone thought these needed to be shouted at the top of our lungs!}

After we’d memorized the Old Testament books, we looked for a way to memorize the New Testament books. We could have gone on doing the same thing, but I really liked this simple explanation done by Steve Demme, who we’re already acquainted with through Math-U-See fame. We adapted it, and I have to say, it’s really helped me remember more easily the order of the New Testament books (which comes first 1, 2 Peter or 1, 2, 3 John. Do you remember?). Plus it’s a whole lot of fun! I made this printable to accompany Mr. Demme’s mnemonic.

To accompany all of this, we also located some excellent coloring sheets, along with an explanation of the basic divisions of biblical books into categories: Law, History, Poetry, Prophets, Gospels and Letters.

What tricks do you use to memorize things? Have you memorized the books of the Bible?

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    I memorized the books of the Bible when I was about 11 or 12(I’m now 47 and still know them). When I was memorizing there wasn’t a catching song to go along with the memorizing but my incentive was a candy bar from my teacher! ha! When I was older there were several different songs to sing the books of the Bible and I used those to help teach my AWANA class the books of the Bible. Sadly I haven’t memorized anything in several years. My speakers on my computer aren’t working right now, but I definitely want to come back and listen to your video’s. :)
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